How Beautiful this cloudy and gloomy day is going to be.

So I was taking my daughter Emma to school today and it’s a cloudy and rainy morning. She said “Dad, I don’t know if today is going to be that good”. She almost, for a split second had me believing that today wouldn’t be a great day just because of the rainy and cloudy weather.Normally, I do my best to stay as positive as possible and today was no different. It’s wet and it’s cloudy, however everyone in our family is alive and mostly healthy (referring to the physical aspect only) Ha, Ha.
For some nonrandom reason I almost immediately thought about a video that I had just watched a few hours before, from Nick Vujicic.
After learning a little more about this happy-go-lucky guy, I am not sure how the rest of the world can bitch and moan about their own circumstances or begin to whine about who is president or really anything else.
Often I compare myself to a few people that I went to high school with. In particular two of my best friends growing up have both went on to achieve unusually great success. They have both made it, not by winning the lottery but by working their ass off and making smart decisions.
They have both been forced to roll with certain punches that neither of them could have ever imagined. Both friends have been able to laugh at the notion that the economy or any other “noun” has anything to do with their individual successes.
I believe everyone, at one time or another, have looked at certain people and been jealous of what other have been able to achieve. Everyone’s definition of jealously is different. I don’t (ok, try not to) look at successful people with any kind of bitterness. I do my best to look at people that have chosen to make more sacrifices than most, with almost a sort of admiration.
Too be clear, I am not at all sad by where I am at in life right now after 44 years on this round globe, however I also wouldn’t insult your intelligence by telling you that I wouldn’t like to be in a little bit different of a place.
When I showed this video to my son, I asked him how he could possibly think that today wasn’t going to be a great day? He said, “I never said today wasn’t going to be a great day, that was Emma”. Unlike most kids, I’m sure,…..they happen to blame each other for everything.
I am pretty sure that he will now have a much better appreciation for anything that might come his way today. I know he will have a better day than he would have normally had.
I realize I’m starting to ramble but I guess what it all boils down to is being able to be happy where you’re at and making that choice.
It is a choice!
I will continue to watch this video anytime I even begin to think that I’ve been dealt a bad hand or as soon as I realize that I’m starting to near that very evil and sometimes almost fatal place (the negative zone).
I try so hard, every single day to stay away far away from that mental state of mind. God only knows how close my mind has been to being mental, lol.
Just kidding,……………..or am I?
I am!

Nick Vujicic

Watch this and you are guaranteed to feel better about yourself and everything else!!!!

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