Gym memberships aren’t what they used to be,………….they’re worse!

So Charlie & I joined a large national Gym chain right before the Christmas holidays.
We have different goals but we both need the variety of equipment and services that come with the “normal” gym membership.
Having been in sales basically my entire life I was a little apprehensive and had my guard up when we walked in the grand doors for the first time.
The first stage group of people who signed us up for the basic monthly memberships were pretty good sales people.
They politely pushed and tried to persuade as good sales people are supposed to do. They were also honest about the financial aspect which was reassuring considering my semi-negative expectations.
When we went for our fitness assessment I was made aware of the ancillary services they offered like personal training.
My son Charlie is only 14 so I agreed to one month of training for an additional $240. I assumed that a month of Monday’s (@1hr per) would give him the basics for a routine that would keep him busy and be safe and effective.
The first training was today at 9:00am.  We came sliding in like Kramer at 9:03, sharp.
Our trainer wasn’t there yet so they gave us another paper to fill out.
While we were sitting there one of the very hot sales ladies came over to inquire about our situation.
After we explained to her everything that we were told and lead to believe, she almost instantly went into bitch mode and explained that I must have misunderstood things because that’s not how they did things around here.
The training sessions are actually 30 minutes and require a year contract. If I want to go from $60 to $70 per 30 min training session they would gladly let us only do a 6 month contract. I could also do $80 per 1/2 hour if I ever wanted access to my checking account again.
What is interesting to me is that the “normal” $60 gym membership is on a month-to-month basis but the $240-$1200  of personal training is for 6-12 month contracts. The personal training programs boil down to $2-$2.67 per MINUTE.
Talking about a bait-n-switch? My freaking goodness! What a lousy business model they have with that one.
Sadly, I am sure they are making great profits with their personal training programs.

I would personally like to thank the hot saleslady for her successful attempts at making me feel like a deadbeat pos in front of my son all because I did not want to commit to $3000.00 of training for him.
She acted as if $240 shouldn’t be an issue after all this is for my one and only son. Well it’s not hot sales lady!
What is an issue is when you add the additional $240 to the gym cost of $60, you’re at $300. That’s still a chunk of change but could be acceptable (he is my only son, ya know?).
Where the real issues start coming up is when you add the new $300 gym bill to the current average of about $650 for the basketball team/s and other associated basketball cost, not even including his ever-growing (pun very intended) shoe cost.

I’m not positive but there has to be a monthly maximum amount for a 14 yr old that’s set in the “How to be a good parent” book.

So now I am stuck looking for a trainer that is knowledgeable about everything teen and that might be ok with $1 a minute vs $2 and that also doesn’t require a direct connection to my bank accounts.

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