The 30 seconds that took 20 minutes

As I see it,…..punishing a 9th grader for being tardy (by seconds, not minutes) to an 11th grade chemistry class is a little like pulling over the FBI Agent for having their cruise control set at 70mph in a 65mph zone.

Knowing that the AP Chemistry class is as diametrically opposed from the previous period class (also an advance class) doesn’t harm the useless defense.

Now, I can clearly see how many might disregard such a situation as minimal and probably not a life-changing type event, however I’m not sure I totally agree anymore.

My laces really get double-tied because of the specific punishment involved with such crimes.

“Lunch Detention”, is a form of public humiliation that surely does not have a proven level of effectiveness when it comes to getting kids to class on time.

Requiring anyone to stand (or sit) alone while their equals are able to view them is no less any different from the days of being publicly stoned to death. Yes, I know that is a pretty dramatic comparison, however I honestly believe that children (as many high-schoolers still are) are so hugely influenced and affected by certain day-to-day events that are in many ways designed to trigger our short and ultimately our long-term memories.

In a governmental system that’s being ridiculed 10,080 seconds out of every week, I understand that every class minute counts but we need to figure out an effective and efficient way to determine different levels of punishments for different offenses.
Requiring the kid carrying two fully loaded back packs from one campus to another to sit at the same table as the kid who got caught smoking in the bathroom or swearing at a teacher isn’t the best solution. What is, I’m not exactly sure?
I know the deeper it gets the more political it gets and that’s never been my strong point.
Maybe having less-stressed teachers who have the ability to assign additional projects at more of a state-type level would work better than the current system.
Details and facts like the amount of class time it took for the teacher to write a description on a hall pass so the tardy offender can go to the office, wait another 10 minutes to see a counselor who then writes a more specific account for the lunch detention form are semi-time consuming steps when you consider the class itself is only about 45 anyway.
Not including the actual punishment, but taking 20 minutes of chemistry instruction away from a kid for being 30 seconds late seems counter productive to me.
But that’s just me………

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